Business conditions

General business conditions valid from 1.1.2019


The prices of standard product range are stated in supply price list. The prices in this price list are calculated for high quality, they don´t include transport costs and are without VAT. The validity of the price list is limited to a certain time, see the price list headline.

Minimum quantity

  • The prices stated in the price list are valid for a minimum taking over, determined for the type of product as follows:
    a) Injected plastics: 1 pallet
    b) Welding wire:     20 kg
  • Less taking over can be ordered at the following companies:
                FRIEDEK, Sezimovo Ústí, phone: +420 381 622 117
                JANSTA, Zákupy u České Lípy, phone: +420 487 857 650
                ŘEMPO, Pardubice, phone: +420 466 068 221

The discounts for lower quality

For so-called products of a different colour (designated as JB) is allowed the discount 3 %. This category includes products which comply with all declared engineering characteristics but which show visual defect.

The price of the products that aren´t stated in the price list

The price list of products only includes standard product range. In case of requirement for  
a different colour, material or dimensional workmanship of particular items will be prepared a special quotation.

Terms of payment

  • The basic term of payment is payment on invoice with a 14-day maturity from the date of its issue. The invoice is considered remitted as of the day of receipt of payment to our account.
  • For the permanent observance of above-mentioned condition (5.1.), minimum for the period of 3 calendar months, will be allowed for the next period the discount amounting to 2% of invoiced amount.
  • The right to 2% discount losts the customer, whose payments is delayed and his liabilities aren´t settled towards seller.
  • In case of delayed payment is charged the penalty amounting to 0,05 % of invoiced amount for each day of the delay.
  • In case of pre-payment (through bank noncash transfer or transfer cash payment to our account) is allowed the discount amounting to 1 % of list price.
  • In case of cash payment in goods taking over is allowed the discount amounting to 1% of list price.
  • In case of  a 60-day maturity is charged additional charge 1 % to the price of the goods.
  • For longer terms of expiration we require payment by bill.
  • If the customer delays settlement his liabities towards our company, we reserve the right don´t supply customer with the goods, and so in the case that the delivery was already confirmed by us.
  • We demand confirmation about delivery in case of export when VAT in not invoicing. In case that customer don´t send us confirmation about delivery we could send additional invoice for VAT amount.

Terms of delivery

  • If the contracting parties don´t agree on anything else, the basic delivery term for goods is 21 days after receiving of order.
  • In case of sending order 3 months in advance (for first month binding, for other two  
    months the suggestion) we guarantee the delivery of goods till 5 working days from receiving your reference.
  • In case that the supplier don´t keep the term of agreed period of observance, the supplier allows the buyer the discount amounting to 5 % of the volume of delayed good delivery.   


Returnable containers (pallets) are not included in the product price and are charged separately. Only undamaged packages are accepted and credit note back. The transportation of the returnable containers is not included in the product price.


  • In case of payment through bank transfer we require a written order (letter, e-mail).
  • The order shall include the data as follows:
    • Exact name of your company, full postal address, CRN, tax identification number, bank connection (the entities incorporated or registered elsewhere shall indicate statement of registration including file sign)
    • In case of the first order we require sending of the Company Register print, if is customer payer of VAT
    • The order must be signed by the person stated in the Company Register or authorized person (in enclosure a copy of authorization)
    • name or number of item, quantity in pieces, required date of taking over
    • method of taking over - own transport, or transport by our company. In case of requirement for assurance of the transport by our company, state full postal address of destination and contact person (possibly telephone)
    • method of payment - prepayment, cash payment or payment on invoice

The order will be confirmed to buyer by sending of written confirmation, that will contain all contract conditions.

Waste purchase

We purchase cuttings of structurally cellular slabs. The prerequisite is sorting according  to the type of material (polypropylene/polyethylene). The waste shall not include foreign matters (wooden, metallic, glass etc.) and dust particles.