Environmental Management System (EMS)

IMG BOHEMIA s. r. o. is the producer of injection moulded products, above all structurally foamed. The development of our company is also aimed at recycling of plastic waste products and transforming them to products of best quality.

Management of IMG BOHEMIA s. r. o. claims, that it is conscious of necessity to be responsible and regardful of environment. It has decided to integrate environmental measures into its management system and to use the standards ČSN EN ISO 14000. The management has created Environmental Management System and commits to following:

  1. The company will follow the environmental legislation, to which it has obliged.
  2. The company will communicate with general public, state administration bodies, nongovernmental organisations and educational institutions about environmental measures.
  3. The company will educate all employees and will have an open information policy. Its management will direct all employees to preserve natural resources.
  4. The company will judge all its activities regarding environmental impact with a view to prevent the environmental threat.

Ing. Michal Grusz - general manager