IMG MANAGEMENT was established in 2009. The primary aim was to centralize the participation in profits in our companies IMG under one holding organization.This organization took charge of central functions which include:marketing,purchase,accounting,controlling, personnel management and salaries.

IMG has expanded into another four companies:

IMG BOHEMIA the production of plastic grates and injected componenets

IMG REALITY the owner of property for individual or company´s usage

IMG TRADING – trading company - the marketing of plastic grates

BOCR TRADING – trading company - the marketing of tubes and the settlement tanks

Mr. And Mrs. Grusz have been holders of the company since 2009.

Despite the fact of global economical crisis we established a new company in Russia in 2011.

TECHPLASTIC which produces plastic grates and injected components.

We moved into the distrubution to motor industry. We have made an acqusition of the company JH Automotive, which we have renamed IMG AUTOMOTIVE.

IMG AUTOMOTIVE produces interior components for VW concern, BMW ,MERCEDES, RENAULT.

Due to expansion of new products ( sandwich grates) we have established a new company alkus IMG - the production of sandwich grates -the combination of PP and aluminum.

In 2018 we took control of a new company EFEKT-EKO - trading company in Russia - the marketing of products JUTA Dvůr Králové and also the producer of plastic grates in Russia.

At the end of 2018 we kept on expanding the IMG AUTOMOTIVE. In the first stage we had seperated IMG AUTOMOTIVE from the structure of the IMG MANAGEMENT and then we accomplished the acquisition of the company SP PLAST.

SP PLAST – the production of injected components

On 1st January 2019 the fusion was held with the company IMG AUTOMOTIVE.

In December 2018 we expanded again and we made a contract with the company WINTTER – the production of interior components for PSA and Ford.

Nowadays we have created two structures: AUTOMOTIVE and NON AUTOMOTIVE which are linked up to optimize the costs and processes.

The approximate turnover is going to be about 1.3-1.4 billion CZK. The number of employees will be about 350.